IT Services

IT Services

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We live and breath IT and have done for more than 20 years just like you live and breath your business. Let us take care of your IT requirements.

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Over the phone support

General phone support for most IT problems including remote takeover to solve problems

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IT strategy

Assist your growing business in developing an IT strategy that fits

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New hardware

Provide guidance and independent assessment for new hardware purchases

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Computer repairs

With our no fix no pay repair service it’s a great solution for you.

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Application development

From requirements gathering to final testing and training, we provide a full service offering.

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Web site design

Including the latest in SEO we can design and build a web site for your company


Our belief that our success depends on our customers success is what drives how we work every day. It is something we are passionate about and our customers tell us that’s why they trust us with their IT.

Some of our experiences are:

  • Application development, both web based and desktop
  • Thin client technology like Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Infrastructure and network design
  • IT strategy development
  • IT Support

We are based in the City of Tea Tree Gully, South Australia. Get in touch, it costs nothing to have a chat about what might be possible.

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Worlds of innovation

The great thing about partnering with a company like IoT Systems Design is bringing together the strength of your knowledge of your business plus IoTSD’s technology knowledge in IT Services to come up with innovative solutions that give your business the competitive advantage.

Some of our recent experiences with developing new systems include the:

  • Design of beer monitoring system for hotels, clubs, casinos etc where it measures the beer being dispensed and compares it to sales reporting on discrepancies.
  • Design of a new home and office wiring method that includes smart control of the whole office or home.
  • Design of a furniture manufacturing workflow application to manage the end to end workflow from order receipt to dispatch and invoicing including the ordering of raw material.

Over the phone support

Not only do we support our own products and services, we can also provide support for many other technologies you use.

We utilise tools that allow us to remote control into your computer (with your authorisation) while on the phone with you to fix issues and show you how to do things meaning you’re staff are back in business faster as they don’t need to wait for a technician visit.

Over the phone support
IT Strategy

IT Strategy

IT Strategy is typically a key part of your business plan. It details how Information Technology is used within your organisation and how it is managed. Key parts of an IT Strategy are:

  • Online presence
  • Digital marketing
  • Selling online
  • Customer interaction
  • Online security
  • Supplier interaction
  • Mobile based solutions
  • Efficiencies through technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

New hardware

We provide you our experience and knowledge in selecting the best value for money hardware that meets your business requirements. Because we do not sell computer and networking hardware it means we are unbiased in the selection.

We start by working with you to identify what the requirements are and then either through a tender process and/or research of what is available at the time provide a recommendation.

As part of an overall IT Services strategy, we can also assist with the management of third party warranty services. This allows you to concentrate on your primary business instead of getting bogged down in managing your own IT Services.

New hardware
Computer repairs

Computer repairs

After an initial evaluation there is a likelihood we can repair your hardware problem, we will provide you with a quote and if your happy, we’ll do the repair. If we do not fix it, then we do not charge.

Keeping your systems working is an important part of our IT Services offering. If it’s something we think is better repaired by a third party we will manage this for you.

Application development

The team has a long history of developing applications, both desktop applications and web based applications. We also have experience in the mobile application development.

The process begins with detailed requirements gathering, then development of an application blueprint which details how the application functions, it’s interfaces and it’s data flow. Then develop and test the application against the requirements.

Applications are supported under a custom agreement.

Application development
Web site design

Web site design

Understanding the importance of a web presence today for most businesses, we can bring our experience to your business in designing and developing a web site for your business that is easy for you or your staff to maintain.

Web sites can be your online shop front or just be a marketing tool for your business.

We provide advice on how to improve your ratings on both Google and Bing along with help you plan a social media presence.

Having a well constructed web site for your business allows customers to find you and understand the services you offer. For this reason web site design is a key part of our IT Services Portfolio.

Lets talk

We know what can be done with technology. Technology is our passion like your business is your passion. Let us get together so we can understand your business and how you operate and look for how we can use technology to make it more efficient.

So, let us have a talk and see. Is there something that makes sense to explore further? We do not charge for an initial assessment of up to two hours.  

IT Services

Location is everything

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have moved to a home office model. We are all based within the City of Tea Tree Gully in South Australia covering suburbs like Modbury, St Agnes, Banksia Park, Fairview Park, Houghton, Ridgehaven, Golden Grove and more.